Positions – A metaphor for the world of figures

In order to create their work for ING at Art Brussels, the Swiss artist duo Beat Klein (1956) and Hendrikje Kühne (1962) suspended exactly 826 small paper airplanes, delicately floating in the air covering the entire ceiling of 250 m2 at a height of 3.50 m above the visitors‘ heads.
The ceiling is completely covered by these airplanes, meticulously positioned by the artists at an equal distance of 50 cm from one another. Every 50 cm2, visitors can see four paper airplanes – one in each corner – folded differently, but above all created using financial transaction statements from ING Belgium’s arbitrage room.
Visitors are transported by this subtle fairylike vision of a multitude of airplanes floating horizontally in the air like gliders on hold, transforming the space into a fascinating location.