Hendrikje Kühne and Beat Klein receive the Culture Prize of the Municipality of Riehen

The artist duo Hendrikje Kühne and Beat Klein have been working together since 1998. Their multifaceted works in the fields of collage, installation and photography have been shown in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

The Riehen 2022 Culture Prize is awarded in the „following year“, so to speak, for special cultural achievements. The collective Hendrikje Kühne and Beat Klein is being honoured by the jury of the Culture Prize for its many years of artistic work. The jury particularly emphasises the medium of collage: small-format picture cuts are condensed into thematic picture series, which are also realised as spatial installations. By assembling image fragments of well-known subjects from art and advertising or from historical set pieces, enigmatic pictorial works full of wit and irony are created. The meticulous collecting and arranging that underlie the work sharpen our view of social phenomena.

The award ceremony for the 2022 Culture Prize will take place on 8 June 2023 from 6.30 pm in the Bürgersaal of the municipality of Riehen and is open to the public.

Kulturpreis der Gemeinde Riehen