Une heure dans le Jura

Collectionner des images de la région jurassienne pour les coller dans un cahier aux allures d’album Panini, telle est l’invitation des artistes Hendrikje Kühne et Beat Klein. Pour élaborer le projet Une heure dans le Jura, ils ont observé dix lieux dans le Jura et le Jura bernois durant une heure. Il en résulte une […]

The First and the Last of its Kind

  10 rows of 8 cardboard collages of bird resembling specimen created during a month long residency at Gilfelagid in Akureyri/Iceland in 2017. Each one of them is unique and is looking in the same direction. The source material stemmed from used food packages making use of the various colours and patterns that are printed […]

FOOD DESIGN-2016, überarbeitet und angewandt

  The installation ‹FOOD DESIGN-2016, revised and applied› by Kühne/Klein meets its culinary transformation by Ulrich Kraus – chef, artist and gallerist- in ZAGREUS PROJEKT – Koch/Kunst/Galerie. Three dimensional collages from pictures of foodstuff are being presented on shelves alongside one wall: A little cheese is balancing on a ham that is resting on a piece of blue cheese […]


  The source material for theses sculptures stems from Sotheby’s auction catalogues. The pictures were glued onto board and assembled to seemingly precious formations. The title ‹Schätzewert: $ XXX,XXX› (estimate price: $ XXX,XXX) for the individual pieces is a German play on words on the double meaning of Schätze (treasures and to estimate). The figures are the added […]


‹Panorama› is a sitespecific installation all the way round the 26 meter long walls oft the Kunsthalle. Using art posters as the raw material Kühne/Klein broaden their way of constructing collage worlds by yet another layer. Gabrielle Obrist: Sehkreis, Brennglas und Vogelperspektive   PANORAMA Sehkreis, Brennglas und Vogelperspektive Das Panorama schafft Überblick. Es erweitert den optischen […]

Jede Sekunde 1m2

Alles was in der Zürcher Verlagsszene Rang und Namen hatte, traf sich am 1. September zur feierlichen Eröffnung des ‹Begehbaren Buchs› in der Villa Mainau. Bis Ende Monat inszenieren über 20 Verlage in je einem Zimmer der Abbruchvilla je ein Buch. Danach wird das Haus durch einen Neubau ersetzt und das denkmalgeschützte Kino Razzia umfassend renoviert und […]

The Garden, Birds and a Hedge

This exhibition project was conceived partly as a reaction to the situation of Sølyst Artist in Residence Center in a park as it offers the chance to actually be in an man made ideal landscape in contrast to looking at it from the outside. The exhibition in Sølyst castle consits of three works of art: […]


‹Schwärmerei› (German lit. going of in swarms, as bees under their queen), name given to an intense enthusiasm for other people or things with which people are affected. Also means excessive emotion. Travel brochure images on board, Blu-Tack. Installation view Kunstmuseum Olten


On the menu there is a list of ten sentences conjuring up every-day superstitions the likes many people create. They are a playful attempt to influence the course of things by fabricating connections between one’s own doing and the things one usually cannot influence in order to exert control over the contingencies of life. > […]

Car Crush – a Mandala

As a first time visitor to Moscow the incessant flow of cars driving into and out of the city is one of the most stricing features. Our installation with cut out car pictures deals with both the aspect of wealth and movement versus standstill. By creasing pictures taken from car advertisments, the pictures are transformed […]