A World of Difference

‹In this new work, the holiday brochure imagery, combined in this assemblage form, might suggest the endlessly proliferating sprawling holiday-complexes that colonise holiday destinations such as the Mediterranean seabord. But it also constructs an alternative map of the world, one based not di lrectly on political geography or physical terrain but rather on the consumption of holidays and leisure travel. Mapping territory is of course a complex exercise, prerogative, and requirement of power. It serves many possible agendas. Mapping is but one activity of imaging space, place and movement through space and place. The archiving of photographic imaginary of ‹the landscape› or ‹local attractions› is another aspect of this imagining of place, and thus also for exercising power. The work thus introduces a political economy of fantasy, of imagining and of leisure›.
Mick Wilson (2001), Head of Valand Academy of Arts at University of Gothenburg/SE, for the exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin

Installation view in the Kunstverein Hannover, 2003
1000 x 1200 x 25 cm, 2001