Die kennen wir vom Sehen

The title ‹We know them by Sight› refers both to the used material (art postcards) and the subject matter of the works. While some works are composed in reference to well known icons of art history like ‹The Wedding at Cana› by Paolo Veronese or ‹The Bathers› by Paul Cézanne, others are recreating genre paintings like interiors.
In ‹Die kennen wir vom Sehen›, the title also points to the numerous persons, historical and fictitious, assembled on canvas and in the collage below, that have become our acquaintances, such as the ‹Girl with the Pearl Earring› and ‹Mona Lisa›.

2013/2014, collages from art postcards, 78 x 63 cm, 70 x 100 cm, 100 x 150 cm

Iris Kretzschmar: Hendrikje Kuehne/Beat Klein bei Graf & Schelble Galerie, Basel, in Kunstbulletin, 4/2014 und ‹Bildwelten aus Bildern› in ProgrammZeitung März 2014