Art Lovers and Weibsbilder

‹Art Lovers› This series of three is the result of an artistic research into the way men and women are depicted throughout recent art history. More often than not women are shown as naked models, whereas men are mostly dressed. Women are being looked at whereas men are looking. In our works however, the viewer becomes the observer who observes men surreptitiously observing naked women.

‹Weibsbilder› show the classical subject matter of the painter and his model in the studio. Bringing together different styles and times these obviously constructed rooms perpetuate one and the same theme over and over again through time and space. The German word Weibsbilder is a compound of ‹Weib› (woman) and ‹Bild› (picture). It usually refers to a strong woman, but it can also adopt a negative connotation.

2015/2016, collages from art postcards, 50 x 70 cm each