FOOD DESIGN-2016, überarbeitet und angewandt


The installation ‹FOOD DESIGN-2016, revised and applied› by Kühne/Klein meets its culinary transformation by Ulrich Kraus – chef, artist and gallerist- in ZAGREUS PROJEKT – Koch/Kunst/Galerie.
Three dimensional collages from pictures of foodstuff are being presented on shelves alongside one wall: A little cheese is balancing on a ham that is resting on a piece of blue cheese from which peppers are sprouting. The artists do not use the individual elements of these models as representatives of various foodstuffs but instead they make use of the pictures’ properties such as form and colour, and they also apply the cut outs to stabilise the structures.

FOOD DESIGN, edible structures in three courses, by Ulrich Krause

Ulrich Krause starts from the collage technique of the sculptures for the 3 courses of his set menu. He transforms foodstuff into mousses or pastes, intensifies or reduces colours and uses organic structures as ornaments. Is there a secret connection in taste behind the combination of edibles or does every bite constitute a contrast to the one before?

How many calories does a sculpture have? Are your eyes ever full? Does art make you fat?

Info Radio rbb: ‹Aufgegabelt› vom 14.5.2016 (gekürzte Fassung)