Die 10 wichtigsten Höhlen der Schweiz

An invitation as artists in residence at the birthplace of Gustave Courbet in Flagey in autumn 2020 gave us the opportunity to explore the Paysage Courbet during many walks. Alongside his idea of landscape, the subject matter of the cave evolved more and more as the main content of our research.

The suggestions for destinations that were launched repeatedly by Swiss media during the pandemic inspired us to create the work The 10 most important Caves of Switzerland

Our idea was to google the above search term and to transform the resulting 10 most important caves into 9 collages and, by doing so, evoking the idea of the cave as an age-old projection screen for humankind.
These 9 examples are presented as one installation.

Die 10 wichtigsten Höhlen der Schweiz, 2021
9 Collages from Prints, 35 x 30 cm each