Die Blumen der Maler

The series Die Blumen der Maler (The Flowers of the Painters) is inspired by Odilon Redon’s flower arrangements and consists of four collages in different formats.
The source material for them are art postcards of works by a wide variety of painters. The individual parts of these images were put together to form new kinds of bouquets. 
The arrangements stand in vases, which in turn are composed of different pictorial elements, in front of backgrounds whose colour tones suggest a spatiality without defining it.
Thus, through the juxtaposition of different styles and degrees of realism and the simultaneity of seasons and centuries, a timeless image emerges in an undefined space.

Rote, gelbe und violette Blumen in einer Vase, 2022, collage from art postcards, 50 x 35 cm 
Viele Blumen in blauer Vase, 2022, collage from art postcards, 35 x 25 cm
Grosse weisse und kleinere Blumen, 2022, collage from art postcards, 35 x 25 cm