Ein Haufen Zeit

The title of the sculpture ‹Ein Haufen Zeit› plays on the use of the word ‹heap›. The term ‹heap› defines both an indeterminate quantity and a specific material shape that is governed by gravity. Where matter passively succumbs to the forces of gravity horizontally as it expands towards its base, it overcomes these forces along its vertical axis, tapering into the culminating point of the characteristic cone. We use slotted cards to form a regular conical mound. Each card has a reflective foil covering one side and an advertisement cut from a television magazine on the other. we organise the cards with the reflecting side predominantly facing in one direction and the television adverts in the other and thereby giving the conical sculpture an inherent orientation in space and structuring the viewing experience.
2009, pictures from TV magazines and reflective foil, 90 x 83 cm

Annelise Zwez: Hendrikje Kuehne/Beat Klein im Kunstmusuem Olten, 2009, in Kunstbulletin Nr. 11/2009