On Speed

In a certain state of mind (intoxicated with speed, extasy, overfatigue, i.e. when the perception is overloaded) the human brain has a tendency to make extraordinary connections from divorced fragments of perception. For this commission we glued together streches of roads cut out from maps representing our travels of the past year to form a […]


At a closer look at the big landscape picture countless landscape elements from disected postcards become decernible. These elements like skies, mountains, meadows and trees were reassembled according to motifs and shades of colour. Together they form a changing view which can never be fully focussed. The second part of the work is made of […]

Map of Paradise

For Map of Paradise we used the the little orientation maps that can be found in holiday brochures. They were glued together, according to colour and shape, to form one big map the size of a map that used to hang in class rooms. As most of the advertised locations have a beach, there are […]